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At Inventorprise, we understand the power of a great idea. We are dedicated to helping inventors turn their great ideas into their dreams, and eventually turning their dreams into reality. Inventorprise offers products that help inventors protect their ideas. Intellectual Property protection is critical.

Explore our products, including PatentEase. PatentEase is patent software that you can install and use on your own PC. It allows inventors to draft their own patent application and file it in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) without the aid of a patent attorney or a patent agent. If you are smart enough to invent it, you are smart enough to use the PatentEase program. In fact, as you use the PatentEase inventor software, you may find hints about how to invent a future invention. Inventing is one of the most fulfilling endeavors, and the PatentEase program provides invention assistance to you in the form of inventor help, patent help, patent drafting, and patent filings (provisional patent applications or non-provisional full utility patent applications). Patent Pending is only a click away!

Although a patent lawyer can help explain patent law to an inventor, this area of law is a specialty that permits patent attorneys to charge high fees when they provide patent information, patent forms, advice about protecting a new invention, how to get a patent on an invention, licensing patents, trademark and copyright (intellectual property) rights, and protecting trade secrets. We at Inventorprise believe that you can perform much of this work yourself, with the aid of the PatentEase program. The U.S. patent law allows you to file your own patent application, so why not take advantage of the power you have for your invention idea under the law?

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